EY20 Hydrostatic Head Tester


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EY20 Hydrostatic Head Tester is used for measures the resistance of a fabric to the penetration of water under hydrostatic pressure. It is applicable to all types of fabrics, including those treated with a water resistant or water repellent finish,The pneumatic clamp head have huge clamp pressure.
Technical Specificationstop
Test pressure:0~5000mbar
Measuring accuracy: ± 0.5 % of displayed value ± 1 mbar
Readability: 0.1 mbar
Test gradient:1~1000mbar/min
Pressure warning signal: 1mbar – 5000 mbar
Warning signal duration: 0 - 999 minute
Test area:100 cm2 (10 cm2, 19.63 cm2,26 cm2, and 28 cm2 optional)
Maximum sample thickness:0~20mm
Required compressed air supply: 6~8 bar (clean and dry)
Dimensions: 400×600×650mm(W×D×H)
Weight: 60Kg
Power: AC100~240V,50/60Hz,50W
Warranty: 24 Months
Professional Technologytop

1. 7-inch color screen, capacitive touch screen, multi-point touch Android4.0 operating system,easy Control,Test results can be saved to Excel file,and can be sent via WIFI to anywhere, can also be saved to the SD card.
2. Simple and convenient test fixture is designed to provide superior gripping force, to ensure that the water does not leak out from the side.
3. Automatic water supply, built-in water level sensor, can automatically add water to test the horizontal position.
4. High-precision pressure sensors and pressure control system.
5. LED soft illumination system, digital adjust lighting brightness.
6. Friendly and convenient test software, test software to configure a variety of test standard, user-friendly.
7. Test pneumatic clamp head, with huge clamp pressure, Maximum pressure four tons。
Test standardtop
GB/T 4744, AATCC 127, EN 20811, BS 2823, BS 3424-26 29A/29C, BS 3321, BS 3321,ISO 811,ISO 1420A,DIN 53886,INDA IST 80.4,JIS L 1,092 A,JIS L 1,092 B-b NF G07-057,ERT-120-1, 160-0,EDANA 120.2-02,ISO 16603,ASTM F1670,YYT 0700,ASTM F903.
Test principletop
One surface of the test specimen is subjected to a hydrostatic pressure, increasing at a constant rate, until three points of leakage appear on its other surface. The water may be applied from above or below the test specimen. The instrument contains a high precision pressure control system, which produces the test pressure in an internal water ta
easurement the resistance of plastic foils, coated and uncoated fabrics,and non-wovens to water penetration by means of the dynamic test method,the static test method, and the program test method...
Standard configuration: Mainbody,Test Head 100 cm²,Samsung p3110 Tablet,Tablet LABTest Software
Optional accessories:
EY20-A External clamp Unit
For measurements in accordance with ISO 16603,ASTM F1670,YYT 0700,ASTM F903.
EY20-10 Test Head 10 cm²
For measurements on small test samples and abrasion test areas.
EY20-19.63 Test Head 19.63 cm²
For measurements in accordance with BS 3424-26 29C
EY-26 Test Head 26 cm²
For measurements on small test samples.
EY20-28 Test Head 28 cm²
For measurements in accordance with EDANA 120.2-02 and for measurements on small test samples.
Tablet PCtop
Android system, multi-point touch intelligent tablet PC, the operation is simple. And communication host through the wireless WiFi connection, can realize remote operation.
Main Screentop
  The program main screen is a test project Settings interface, including test items commonly used some parameters, when starting a new test project must first select a test standard. you can even use smart phones to control the instrument testing work.
Test Standards selecttop
  Standard selection screen is equipped with all the standards of this device can supported. the user can choose among them any one of the standard, in addition, to meet the special needs, user can also customize test standard. Selected standard, program interface will display different parameters according to standard. pic3
Test Screentop
  Click the Test button to enter the Test screen, online can through the tablet PC or smartphone control host water, turn on the light, adjust the observation of light operation, etc.
  Click the test button, the host in accordance with a predetermined test standard and parameter running test procedure, test pressure along with the test process and changing in the form of chart displayed on the screen, and the testing result data can be generated to Excel format report for edit and print. pic4
easurement the resistance of plastic foils, coated and uncoated fabrics,and non-wovens to water penetration by means of the dynamic test method,the static test method, and the program test method... pic5

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