EY36 Air Permeability Tester


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The EY36 Air Permeability Tester is used for fast, simple, and accurate determination of the air permeability of all kinds of flat materials and of foam cubes.The measuring range covers dense papers and airbag fabrics as well as extremely,open non-woven and forming fabrics.
EY36 configuration with android 4.1 operating system color tablets, multi-touch panel, simple and convenient operation, the test results can be saved to EXCEL, to generate the perfect test reports, also can connect Intnet, send test data by Wifi.
EY36 design with reference to the Swiss TEXTEST FX3300 , on the basis of FX3300 made many improvements,The test results completely consistent with TEXTEST FX3300
Technical Specificationstop
Measuring range:
0.4 – 750 cm³cm²/s 5 cm² test area
1 – 10,000 l/ m²/s 20 cm² test area
1 – 10,000 mm/s 20 cm² test area
0.6 – 6,000 l/dm²/min 20 cm² test area
0.008 – 5 dm³/s 25 cm² test area
0.1 – 1,300 cfm 38 cm² test area
0.05 – 700 cm³/cm²/s 38 cm² test area
0.03 – 400 m³/m²/min 38 cm² test area
2 – 24,000 m³/m²/h 38 cm² test area
0.1 – 1,600 l/dm²/min 100 cm² test area

Unit : mm/s,ft³/ft²/min,cm³/cm²/s,l/m²/s,l/dm²/min,m³/m²/min,m³/m²/h,dm³/s,L/s,L/min,m³/h,cfm,ft³/min Measuring accuracy: ± 2 % of the displayed value Test pressure: 10~ 2,500 Pa
Test head / test area: 20cm² (standard)
5, 25, 38, 50 and 100 cm² (optional)
Data port: Wifi
Power requirements: 195 ~250 V, 50/60 Hz, max. 1,100 W
85 ~130 V, 50/60 Hz, max. 1,100 W
Projection of clamping arm: 50 cm (20“)
Sample thickness:0 ... 10 mm (0 ... 0.4“)
Dimensions (w x d x h): 40 x 92 x 110 cm
Table height:85 cm
Net/gross weight: 60 / 75 kg
Professional Technologytop
● 7-inch color screen, capacitive touch screen, multi-point touch Android4.0 operating system,easy Control,test results can be saved to Excel file,and can be sent via WIFI to anywhere, can also be saved to the SD card. 
● Automatic test, according to the flow of fabric air permeability, automatic test choose the appropriate range. 
● Automatic induction test head size, easy to change the test head. 
● Unique to leak prevention design, air leakage is close to zero.
Test standardtop
AFNOR G 07-111,ASTM D 737,ASTM D3574,BS 5636,DIN 53887,EDANA 140.1,EN ISO 7231,EN ISO 9237,JIS L 1096-A,APPI T 251,GB/T5453,GB/T 22819-2008.
Test principletop
A specimen is clamped over the test head opening by pressing down the clamping arm which automatically starts the vacuum pump. The pre-selected test pressure is maintained, and after a few seconds the air permeability of the test specimen is displayed in the pre-selected unit of measure.
It is used to test the air permeability of various woven fabrics, knitted fabrics, non-woven fabrics, industrial filter materials etc.
Standard configuration:
  Mainbody, Test head 20cm²
  LABTest analysis software
  One Verification Check Plate
Optional accessories:
   EY36-5 Test Head 5 cm²
   EY36-25 Test Head 25 cm²
   EY36-38 Test Head 38 cm²
   EY36-50 Test Head 50 cm²
   EY36-100 Test Head 100 cm²

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