• EY51 Thermal Resistance Tester
  • EY62 Drying Rate Tester
  • EY50 Sweating Guarded Hotplate
  • EY60 Moisture Management Tester
  • EY20 Hydrostatic Head Tester
  • EY36 Air Permeability Tester
  • EY30 Micronaire Tester

Welcome to EYTest

    EYTEST has been committed to designing and producing high-end textile testing instruments. Over the years, the company has been manufacturing large numbers of professional testing instruments for some textile and non-woven industry as well as some world-famous testing organizations like SGS, ITS.

     Incorporated in Hong Kong in 2008, our company has set up its R&D center and production center in Shenzhen. Based on the advanced manufacturing industry in Shenzhen, EYTest can rapidly produce testing instruments with high precision, high-tech and high-quality for customers all over the world.

    EYTest, short for Easy for You Test, is the registered trademark of our company. Our philosophy is to use the most advanced technology to produce precise, practical and accessible testing instruments for customers.

    Ceaselessly innovating, EYTest Designs and produces the instruments under the guidance of the concept: manufacturing the concise, convenient and durable products. We pay more attention to every detail of the products and every experience of users. Our products own the unique performance in the market, and will be the industrial standard.


    For after-sale service, our excellent professional service team will provide customers with two-year warranty period and lifetime maintenance. Without worries, customers can enjoy lifelong maintenance service of all the products of ours.

    Thanks for your attention to our testing instruments. If you mail the samples to our company, we will provide you with precise testing and professional testing report We are glad that you tell us your testing questions you met. Our technical department will provide you with free technical advice and put forward comprehensive testing solutions for you. In addition, we offer customer-made service of testing instruments.

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  • Instrument design and manufacturing specialists
  • Professional and meticulous service
  • Product customization design
  • Competitive prices
  • The best product quality control system


21 August 2010

The holding of product technical training.

16 June 2010

6 May 2010

10 March 2010

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